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Enhance your soul's journey with this lightworker memoir

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This discourse will be about many subjects over a period of many years and events, which I will try to address within these pages. The progress of time as you know it upon the earth plane is a very unique concept that is enjoyed by beings on the earth plane, this experience of time gives physical beings much like yourself structure and method to your life. However, from an interdimensional being’s perspective, time does not exist. As light beings, we have the ability to travel between dimensions of light and dimensions of physical matter outside of the construct of time and space.


This narrative will cover time in a loose fashion as determined by your history and will draw on events that took place upon the earth plane as a reference and as a marker, so you are able to, in your mind, recall these events as timelines to tie in with this, my story. There will be parallels drawn to your historical times, but it will in a way bring you the truth of these events as seen from a higher dimensional aspect and not perhaps as you have experienced these events or have learned about it in your history books. There is much to course-correct in terms of your history and this narrative will attempt to do just that. 


This memoir comes to you from a being that has been a part of your history, a part of history that has been tarnished and misappropriated. It has been portrayed in many ways, through aspects that have not come remotely close to the authenticity of events that took place. More importantly, the truth was far removed from the true authenticity of this soul’s true essence, true beingness and true higher-dimensional aspect.


I, Yeshua bin Joseph, the Son of God, a light being or higher-dimensional being have chosen this earth being, Racquel, in the physical, to write this memoir on my behalf. We have on a higher level and as a soul family shared a parallel experience over time and space. At this juncture, we have come forth from two vastly different worlds to write this narrative together as a co-creation and for this writing to come to fruition so that it may reach as many beings as possible during this very important time of your individual and planetary evolution.


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